For groups of students there are formative workshops where will be explained the different aspects of the daily life of the prehistoric man as the hunt, the fire and the art. During the accomplishment of the workshops there will appear the tools used in one or another area, there being effected a demonstration of his efficiency, where the pupil will be a participant of the own workshop. These are:

1.It does 15.000: The hunters of the painting caves. One will speak about the hunt, the fishing and the compilation as base of the supply of the man of the Upper Paleolithic. The pupil will learn to make a prehistoric lance and a propellant, verifying his efficiency on having affected several shots.

2.The fire. To live in the Prehistory before and after the fire supposed an important change in the manners of life. In this not alone workshop the benefits will be verified of this one, but also the disadvantages. The pupil will ignite fire by means of the friction of two sticks and for the percussion of two stones.

3. The first graffiti. Will be explained how there were decorated the caves that they are going to visit it does thousands of years. The useful ones, the techniques and the colors used to paint finally his own hand as those of El Castillo.

4. The evolution of the hunt. Will explain the useful ones of hunt the used during the prehistory and how these were evolving. The efficiency will be verified of each one of them and will be known why the man turned into the major predator of The Earth.

5. Let’s paint our cave. It will be necessary to find the pigments and to prepare them before painting our own cave.

6.The nature, the supermarket of the Prehistory. We Need many things to be prehistoric (clothes, food, knives, burners, paintings, etc.) but without shops or money, how will we obtain it?


The workshops have an approximate duration of 50 minutes and are realized in groups of 20 people maximum, next to the caves of El Castillo (Monte Castillo) with a cost of 3,50 € per student.




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