Conditions of the visits

The visit is guided and lasts approximately 45 minutes. For conservation reasons, there is a maximum capacity of 4 people per session. During the visit, it passes through low-rise galleries, the use of helmets being mandatory for their safety. The cave lacks electrical installation, being necessary the use of flashlights that will be provided by the guide, in addition to a helmet, at the beginning of the visit. During the visit it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes that do not slip and warm clothes.

The ticket must be booked by phone or purchased online at least one day in advance, depending on availability of places. No purchases are made online, or reservations on the day of the visit. Once the ticket has been purchased online, the date and time of the visit cannot be modified, nor will the money be returned. Tickets purchased online or booked by phone or e-mail must be formalized at the box office 10 minutes before the start of the visit at the visitor reception center, located next to the cave entrance.

For reasons of conservation the last room of the cavity is not visited.

In medium and low season only visits are made by prior reservation. It is mandatory to buy the ticket through the official website or book at least one day in advance, by email or phone to move to a guide who will attend and guide you through the cave.

In high season the cave will remain open with a guide that will hold three sessions per day, with an approximate duration of 45 minutes each, in groups of 4 people maximum, at 11: 10h, 12: 10h and at 13: 10h. With a maximum capacity of 12 people per day for conservation reasons, it is advisable to buy the ticket or make a previous reservation.

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